Shaft, Motor & Gears of a Power Transmission

Shaft, Motor & Gears of a Power Transmission

Shaft, Motor & Gears of a Power Transmission

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Motor, Shaft and Gears of a Power Transmission

The motor shaft and gears in this diagram show how the horsepower is derived. One see of gears and shaft will have to transmit power to move the tool slide. The machine spindle is a shaft where the chuck is mounted onto. Then it is driven by a chain and sprocket at the appropriate speed to do the job. If you don’t get the right amount of horsepower to the unit then it proves to be useless, unless you get it to the point where the actual machining is done. The point is, to make sure your machine runs correctly, you must have the appropriate speed and horsepower to produce enough power to do the job at hand. Thus the importance of the correct shaft and gears. You cannot put a 14 tooth shaft in the place of a 15 tooth, the gears will not align to rotate to make the machine run. Every part of the internals must be for that given unit, down to the finest of details. That is why it is important to keep up with your tags and any paperwork you have with your pumps, motors or transmissions. It helps with ordering parts or knowing how something is put back together for repairs or being rebuilt. Each part has a purpose, if you slide on your parts your unit will not run at it’s most efficiency.

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