Basic Types of Premounted Bearings

Basic Types of Premounted Bearings

Basic Types of Premounted Bearings

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Basic Types of Premounted Bearings

Pillow block housings can be split or solid, in which it facilitates mounting. Pillow block bearings usually handle radial loads that pass into the base. When you have two or more pillow blocks used on a shaft, the other one needs to be non expansion to keep the shaft from moving in an inward direction. The other one needs to be expansion bearing to allow axial expansion of the shaft.

Take-up bearings let the movement of the bearing and shaft within a frame to let the adjustment of the shaft center distances of belts, conveyors, chain drives, and other devices. It is mounted on the frame itself. There are a lot of methods of adjustments available: manual (screw operated); automatic (spring operated) and hydraulic. Sometimes they can be done without frames, but if you do that, they have to have side mountings and adjustment devices in the machine itself.

Flange ones give way to mountings on the side of the equipment housings. It just gives shaft positioning when and where it is needed.



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