Types of Grease for Bearings

Types of Grease for Bearings

Types of Grease for Bearings

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Special Greases for Bearings

There are different types of grease for bearing use.  Greases that have calcium, lithium or barium are used for other applications that what is shown in the diagram. Usually calcium based greases have a smooth, texture to it. They have a range up to 175 degrees F temperature. It has great water resistant qualities and generally used for slow speed jobs.

Sodium greases usually used for higher speeds and temperatures. They are able to hold up to temperatures of 200 degrees F., but dont do well when it comes to water resistant attributes.

Lithium based greases go the distance in temperatures of 100 to 300 plus degrees F. and are water resistant. They offer good mechanical and storage reliability. They are suitable for higher speed operations.

Barium greases are about the same to lithium greases. But they have a re-occurrence to adhering to metal. Thus creating a bond to bearing surfaces without leaving dry pockets or voids.

Some compounded greases for unusual operating conditions in the diagram also. The charts give you a general use of the grease and what types to use on what , speed and temperature. It may not be exact to the manufacture, but it gives you an idea of what to use for ball or roller bearing projects.


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