Series 17 GPM Hydraulic Pump

Series 17 GPM Hydraulic Pump

Series 17 GPM Hydraulic Pump

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These pumps have a port relief valve that produces uninterrupted activity with the circulating plate. It gives off 1200 RPM and 1000 PSi with 2000 maximum RPM. This is a single acting pump. The RPM can be raised to 2000, capacity at 27.5 GPM and 2000 PSi.

It has a bigger aspirator port in the valve. Three way valve is possible. The adjusted port relief valve is made into it at 1600 PSI and guards the cylinder. The spool is pressure balanced. It has a steel gasket so that the seal is at its optimum value for the pump to prevent leaking.

If you have an older de-tent style valve it will fit this one. The rotation of the twin shafts will allow it to go in either direction. The shaft is binary lip shaft. The mounting can be put on the side or bottom. Gear shaft reinforce the needle bearings.

The dowel pin placement of body that has front and rear covers. It is heat treated. The lever controls are made to go with wire controls.

This pump is used remotely and it has a sub plate. The sub plate goes right along with your own valve assy. Number 4 is the suction plate and number 5 is the pressure port.

This is the schematic for this unit.

This is the parts breakdown and parts list for the pump. This will come in handy for ordering parts for repair.

This shows a rotating plate that stays in motion for any operation. This plate go between the pump and valve to give flow that goes on and on that produces cooler oil from the reservoir.

The number 1 is the return line port, number 2 is the pressure line port and number 3 is the suction line from the reservoir.

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