Roller Stator Motor

Roller Stator Motor

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The capacity cell of this gerotor is the rotor set. It is made up of the outer ring (stator) and the rollers, some places do not put the rollers in there so make sure you ask about that. The job of the rollers are to eliminate friction between the rollers when they touch so they don’t slide so it want produce wear and diminish the performance.

The improvement on the roller has been to eliminate drag as much as possible and preventing leaks by trying to have better control over the contact points between the rotor and rollers. The points that are circled on the picture are the points in which they have redesigned to eliminate so much touching so it want clog and leak. When you reduce the drag you get rid of the internal leakage and to give itself time to build up oil so it can prevent wear and tear. These improvements on this rotor gives you better performance on low speeds and high torque gerotor motors.

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