Series SPM20 Tandem Motor

Series SPM20 Tandem Motor

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These are two speed motors that have two motors and a pilot application valving. They are special motors that are high speed or high torque that helps it get better with the assistance of the wench drives, track drives and hydrostatic transmissions. Special features of this unit are no external pilot pressure source is needed. The shifting is smooth and will not hesitate while shifting. Your inlet and outlet can be reversible. Motors that have displacement, it needs to be equal.

When you have two motor they are together by means of an inlet/outlet port. The low speed, high torque output, the pilot is vented to the tank. If you need higher speed, use lower torque and the pilot port is blocked. It will cause the internal valves to shift to an off position. The flow will go thru the rear motor section. The front motor section uses lubrication oil or gre4ase thru the valve section and needs little horsepower in this position since it is recirculating.

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