Understanding Hydraulic Terms

Understanding Hydraulic Terms

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Here is a list of hydraulic terms you may need to know the meanings.

Absolute Pressure – this is when the vacuum is is at its best, when there is no air coming in at all.

Accumulator – is a pressure reservoir in which an incompressible hydraulic fluid that is held under pressure by an external force of mechanical energy.

Accumulator Effect – when there is a surge in the level of fluid in a hose that has the pressure building up.

Aeration – when there is air in the hydraulic fluid that builds up the contamination.

Cavitation – this comes about when there is a materialization, expansion and collapse of the vapor or gas gorged cavities in a liquid form.

Circuits – a display of interwoven components.

Contamination – any kind of debris that gets into your fluid that will hinder the function of your unit or machinery. Debris can be dirt, aeration, metal particles, insoluble particles that are very fine and/or water.

Double Acting Cylinder – the fluid pressure can be usable in either pathway of the cylinder’s lines.

Filter Bypass Valve – it lets fluid to go around a filter element when it clogs up and doesn’t let it go thru pressure drops.

Flushing – let hydraulic fluid go around thru the outside filter to get rid of any kind of particle contamination. Thru the circulation process of going thru components and circuits, it doesn’t let the fluid overheat.

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