Terminology Meanings for Hydraulic -Hydrostatic

Terminology Meanings for Hydraulic -Hydrostatic

Terminology Meanings for Hydraulic -Hydrostatic

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Absolute Viscosity – the correlation of a fluid’s shearing flow, adjacent layers of fluid move parallel to each other with different speeds. Viscous fluids resist this shearing motion.

Actuator is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system, for example by opening a valve. In simple terms, it is a “mover”.

An actuator requires a control signal and a source of energy. The control signal is relatively low energy and may be electric voltage or current, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, or even human power. Its main energy source may be an electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure. When it receives a control signal, an actuator responds by converting the source’s energy into mechanical motion.

Breather – Open-circuit hydraulic systems need breathers so air can exit and enter the reservoir as the fluid level rises and falls, respectively.

Conductor – something that carries the fluid by means of a hose, pipe, tube.

Directional Control Valve – the valve decides which way the the fluid goes in a hydraulic circuit.

Filter – it traps the insoluble and contamination before it gets into the hydraulic fluid.

Flooded Inlet – tells you that it is below the fluid level in the reservoir.

Flow Rate – it is the level of fluid that goes thru a conductor by unit of time.

Heat Exchanger -just moves heat from one form to another, like fluid or gas.

Hydraulic Component – these are parts that go in a hydraulic/hydrostatic pump, motor, cylinder or valve.

Intake Line – a form of transporting fluid that goes from the pump inlet to the reservoir and vice versa. It could be by means of a pipe, hose or tube.

Just a few definitions of hydraulic words.. there will be more to come on this.

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