G101/102 Hydraulic Pump/Valve Combo

G101/102 Hydraulic Pump/Valve Combo

G101/102 Hydraulic Pump/Valve Combo

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These pumps are very dependable pumps and small in structure for maybe a dump truck. They are rated at 2500 PSI at speeds of 2400 RPM. It has a 3 way, 3 position valve that is in the port end cover. You can prompt this valve by cable linkage or a remote air operator within the cab of the truck.

Characteristics :

Lightweight – around 30 to 38 lbs depending what size gears you get.

Twin drive shafts – the rotation direction is easily installed.

Has a 2-3 line plumbing hookup

Output is at 1800 RPM and depending on the gears

The mounting for it uses a two bolt pad cast that goes into the shaft end cover. If you have the G102 PTO kind it comes with a SAE -B 2 or 4 bolt flange or a cloverleaf mounting and a 2.75 ‘ pilot dia.

The G101 have a twin 1 SAE BB keyed shaft that lets the CW or CCW hookup without changing the unit. The G102 have a single SAE B splined shaft. You will need to know the direction of the rotation when ordering parts for this model.

The internal relief valve guards both the cylinder and the pump. When the valve is raised up it guards against overloading. It guards against the cylinder from shock loads and the valve is set at 2000 PSI.

If you need more info on this type of pump, give us a call at 800-361-0068


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