How Over the Center Axial Motors Work

How Over the Center Axial Motors Work

How Over the Center Axial Motors Work

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Today we will discuss;

Over Center Axial Piston Motors

Some of the swashplates on axial piston motors have the capacity of crossing over center. When it is able to do that, it can reverse its shaft rotation without changing the direction of flow thru the motor.

In the picture associated with this text, you will see that the motor shaft is not shown, but you can maybe see that it could be attached to the cylinder barrel at the port plate end or thru the swashplate side. You can see thru the pictures, that altering the angle of the swashplate by crossing over center results in a different direction of the slide for the pistons.

Therefore, cylinder barrels and motor shafts rotate in the reverse direction. This occurs when the fluid flow passing thru the motor in the same direction.

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