Bearings -Troubleshooting Problems Part 1

Bearings -Troubleshooting Problems Part 1

Bearings -Troubleshooting Problems Part 1

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Today we will discuss:

Troubleshooting of Bearing Failures Part 1

This tells of helpful tips to recognize problems of bearing failure. These examples will be helpful if you or a customer complains of certain situations, cause bearing failure and you can identify the source of the problem.

Letters A thru G will be the classifications codes that correspond to the reasons for the failure. These are common customer complaints.

A – Overheated Bearing

B – Noisy Bearing

C – Replacements are too Frequent

D – Vibration

E – Unsatisfactory Performance of Equipment

F – Bearing is Loose on Shaft

G – Hard turning Shaft

This table will show the reason for the complaint of the condition of the bearing

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